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SPC Advance 2022

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Harnessing the Collective Energy of Collaboration

Advancing packaging sustainability requires the involvement, energy and boldness of the entire supply chain. Through partnerships, projects, case studies and initiatives, SPC member companies and partner organizations are working together to establish avenues of collaboration that will have a bigger impact on sustainable and regenerative packaging and improved recovery systems. At our fall event, we will showcase collaboration examples from different stakeholders as well as a series of Atlanta-spearheaded future-thinking projects that are setting the city and the state of Georgia, as prime examples and leaders in environmental sustainability, better manufacturing practices, responsible sourcing, forest and water conservation, climate strategies, more efficient recovery and composting practices and systems and packaging technology and production.

SPC Advance 2022 will be hosted in Atlanta on October 3-5, at the Loews Atlanta Hotel. The event will be bookended by a variety of tours in the morning of October 3rd and in the afternoon of October 5th.


CEO Thomas Philipon will be a speaker.