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World Biopolymers Innovation Forum 2023

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The global bioplastics production will more than triple over the next five years (2021-2026), from around 2.4 million tons in 2021 to 7.5 million tons in 2026, according to market data compiled by European Bioplastics. The development of biodegradable, biobased polymers and plastics from renewable sources such as plants, animals, and microorganisms are gaining engrossing attention nowadays as an essential element to protect the environment from the harmful toxic effects of non-biodegradable synthetic polymers/plastics.

Meet Derek Atkinson in Berlin, Ggermany 1-2 March 2023.

The World Bioplastics and Biopolymers summit will bring together more than 150+ industry experts from biopolymers manufacturers, chemical companies, major associations, raw materials, and technology companies, consultants, to discuss the latest developments, cutting-edge technologies, new challenges and opportunities in bioplastics and sustainable biocomposites.

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