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LCA is a great tool when used accurately

13 April 2021

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an efficient and popular tool to evaluate the environmental profile of a material or product. TotalEnergies Corbion also published in 2019 the LCA of PLA produced in Thailand. However, it is a complex process to use LCA to compare biobased and fossil based materials which often leads to an unfair comparison. In fact, biobased materials are innovative materials that have not reached the same economies-of-scale and process optimizations as fossil-based materials. When comparing two LCAs, the boundaries and criteria must be exactly the same, including, among others, taking into account indirect land use effects (also for oil & gas extraction) and assigning credits for beginning-of-life and end-of-life options (biobased content and composting). TotalEnergies Corbion supports the statements made in the EUBP article "Using LCA to compare biobased and fossil based materials is not simple”