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Luminy® PLA resins help fight Corona virus

2 June 2020

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TotalEnergies Corbion

The dramatic spread of the Corona virus has disrupted lives, communities and businesses worldwide. TotalEnergies Corbion is joining the fight against the Corona virus by donating Luminy® PLA resins for the production of 3D printed medical devices and protective equipment.

Smart Materials 3D in Spain launched the initiative and they will receive the PLA resin to produce PLA filaments. In co-creation with companies like Fixit, 3D Printers, IMBIC and Clone Wars VLL the PLA filaments will be used to make medical masks and protective equipment using 3D printing technology. All these companies contribute to this initiative on voluntary basis. The 5 Ton of Luminy® PLA resins that Total Corbion has donated will allow the production of over 125.000 masks. With the help of a distributed network of agents for 3D printing the masks will be available within weeks to health centers and hospitals all across Spain.

For more information about Smart Materials 3D and the initiative Smart Materials has launched, visit the COVID-19 dedicated section on the website of Smart Materials 3D.

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