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TotalEnergies Corbion receives multiple prestigious awards for its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship

9 November 2023

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TotalEnergies Corbion

RAYONG, Thailand, 9th November 2023 – TotalEnergies Corbion is proud to announce its recent recognition through a series of prestigious awards, reaffirming the company's dedication to environmental sustainability and responsible corporate practices.


Thailand Eco Factory Award 2023

TotalEnergies Corbion has earned the prestigious Eco Factory Award from the Industrial Environment Institute and the Federation of Thai Industries during the Eco-Innovation Forum 2023, which was held at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC Bangna). This remarkable achievement signifies a significant milestone in TotalEnergies Corbion's ongoing commitment to advancing sustainability and environmental stewardship. The awards were presented to Mr. Olivier De Linares by Mr. Nattapol Rangsitpol, Permanent Secretary of The Ministry of Industry, symbolizing a strong partnership between the company and government agencies.

This accolade underscores TotalEnergies Corbion's steadfast dedication to coexisting harmoniously with society and the environment. The company's commitment extends to environmental preservation, social and community development, and bolstering the local economy, all integral to its core values.



2023 Environmental and Safety Governance Awards

For the second consecutive year, TotalEnergies Corbion has been honored with the 2023 Environmental and Safety Governance Awards by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). These awards recognize the company's commitment to fostering sustainable coexistence between industrial facilities and local communities. The evaluation criteria include environmental management capabilities, adherence to safety standards, and dedication to social responsibility. This initiative promotes active public involvement in the monitoring and oversight of environmental and safety aspects, aligning with the company's ongoing efforts to reduce pollution originating from industrial estates. The awards were presented by Veeris Ammarapala, the esteemed Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, underscoring TotalEnergies Corbion's unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible industrial practices.

CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2023

On September 13th, Ms. Nattaya Kuakoolwongsakul, representing TotalEnergies Corbion, received the CSR-DIW Continuous Award 2023 plaque and certificate from the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry in Thailand. This marks the second consecutive year that the company has been honored with this award, a testament to its ongoing commitment to supporting CSR initiatives. The "CSR-DIW Award" program, overseen by the Department of Industrial Works within the Ministry of Industry in Thailand, recognizes organizations that excel in corporate social responsibility, emphasizing the welfare of stakeholders, enhancing the quality of life for employees, contributing positively to communities, and responsibly managing resources. This award underscores TotalEnergies Corbion's dedication to continuous growth, development, and value-sharing within the community, all while ensuring the sustainable progress of its business.

TotalEnergies Corbion is committed to maintaining the highest standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility, and these awards further validate the company's efforts in this important endeavor. The company remains devoted to its mission of making the world a better place through responsible industrial practices and corporate social responsibility.


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