Luminy® PLA portfolio

Luminy® is a range of specially developed high performance PLA polymer resins


Our Luminy® PLA portfolio

TotalEnergies Corbion Luminy® PLA portfolio includes products
in four categories that can be used in various conversion

• High heat PLA for demanding applications,
• Standard PLA for general purpose applications,
• Low heat PLA typically used as seal layer,
• PDLA used either as a nucleating agent or
  to create full stereocomplex compounds.

Available with recycled content

To answer to the circularity challenge and to respond to its sustainability values, TotalEnergies Corbion has created PLA grades with recycled content. The recycled content is allocated via a mass balance method, the new grade is called RMB PLA (Recycled Mass Balance). Luminy PLA recycling happens via advanced recycling. The PLA recycled content is obtained by depolymerization through an hydrolysis process. This technology allows to maintain the quality and the regulatory compliance of the PLA. In 2023, Luminy RMB PLA grades exist with 20 and 30% recycled content. The 20% Recycled Content grades have been third-party certified by SCS Global Services in 2022.

Application development team

Our Application Development team is ready to answer your technical questions. The team operates globally and has in depth knowledge of a broad range of applications and conversion technologies to help you make the switch to Luminy® PLA.

Reduced carbon footprint

Our Luminy® PLA resins have a reduced carbon footprint versus many traditional polymers. Read the verification of this claim in the peer reviewed LCA study.

Compliant with standards & regulations

Luminy® neat resins from TotalEnergies Corbion are compliant with the relevant regulations and standards related to bioplastics:

  • Approved for use in food contact applications in EU (EC No. 10/2011), USA (FDA 21 CFR) and China (GB 9685-2016),
  • Compliant with EN13432 and ASTM D6400 standards for industrial composting,
  • Biobased content of 100% according to EN16785-1 and ASTM D6866,
  • REACH compliant,
  • Reduced carbon footprint (read more in:peer reviewed LCA study), 
  • Made from GMO-free crops.

Bonsucro certified

Our Luminy® PLA resins are made from sustainably sourced raw materials, meeting the “sugar cane code of conduct” that we developed together with Corbion and the Thai sugar mills. Bonsucro-certified PLA is available upon request.

The choice of brand owners

Luminy® PLA is the material of choice for many brand owners and consumers that want to move towards a more sustainable society.

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