Global leader in PLA bioplastics

TotalEnergies Corbion is a global leader in the marketing, sales, and production of Poly Lactic Acid (PLA). PLA is a polymer derived from renewable resources, making it biobased, recyclable, and industrially compostable. Compared to conventional plastics, PLA significantly reduces carbon emissions. Our Luminy® PLA product line includes grades with recycled content, including high heat and standard PLA. PLA is an innovative material used in a diverse range of industries like fresh food packaging, consumer goods, fibers, food serviceware, automotive components, and 3D printing.

Luminy® PLA bioplastics for a brighter future

Biobased • Recyclable • Compostable • Innovative

Luminy® is a range of specially developed high performance PLA polymer resins, which are compliant with the most relevant regulations and requirements related to bioplastics:

High heat PLA for demanding applications

Standard PLA for general purpose applications

Low heat PLA typically used as seal layer

PDLA used either as a nucleating agent or to create full stereocomplex compounds

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