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Compostable bioplastics divert food waste from landfills in the USA

6 May 2024

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TotalEnergies Corbion

ORLANDO, Florida, USA, 6th May 2024. - Composting PLA (Polylactic Acid) bioplastics is gaining momentum in the United States as a sustainable approach to managing organic waste. Luminy® PLA bioplastics, besides being 100% biobased and chemically & mechanically recyclable, are also industrially compostable, breaking down into organic matter. Alongside food scraps and yard waste, PLA bioplastics can be accepted in composting initiatives, aiming to divert these materials from landfills and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. 

The process of composting plays a pivotal role in diverting organic waste away from landfills. This compost enriches soil quality, fosters agricultural productivity, and reduces reliance on chemical fertilizers. 

Despite the growing interest, composting PLA bioplastics in the USA encounters challenges stemming from limited infrastructure and facilities capable of handling industrial composting at scale. While some composting facilities can manage PLA, many cannot, leading to consumer confusion and operational hurdles in effectively composting PLA packaging. 

Lang Phommahaxay, market segment leader in the Americas at TotalEnergies Corbion, highlights the need for infrastructure development in line with the increasing demand for compostable plastics. "In an era marked by increasing awareness of environmental sustainability from businesses and consumers alike, infrastructure must follow suit," Phommahaxay stated. "Luminy® PLA not only addresses the growing demand for compostable plastics, but also aligns with evolving legislative requirements. We are just waiting for composting facilities to catch up." 

Acknowledging these challenges, there's a growing acknowledgment of the importance of composting PLA bioplastics in broader waste reduction and sustainability efforts. Efforts from government agencies, businesses, and organizations are underway to bridge infrastructure gaps, improve labeling, and enhance certification standards to facilitate effective composting of PLA bioplastics. 

TotalEnergies Corbion, renowned for its sustainable PLA bioplastics solutions, remains committed to driving innovation and environmental stewardship in the American market with Luminy® PLA. As demand for compostable plastics rises and legislative landscapes evolve, TotalEnergies Corbion continues to offer advanced solutions meeting regulatory standards and surpassing environmental expectations. 

To explore Luminy® PLA's diverse applications and collaborations with partners worldwide, TotalEnergies Corbion invites attendees to visit Booth S30203 at the upcoming NPE Plastics Fair 2024. Hosted from May 6 to 10, 2024, at the Orange County Convention Center, the event serves as an ideal platform to engage with Luminy® PLA's innovations and TotalEnergies Corbion's sustainability commitments. 


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TotalEnergies Corbion is a global leader in driving sustainable innovation with Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), reducing carbon footprint while fostering circularity. The biobased nature and composability of our PLA mean that it has a lower carbon footprint while also contributing to the circular economy through mechanical and chemical recycling. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the 50/50 joint venture between TotalEnergies and Corbion operates a cutting-edge PLA facility in Rayong, Thailand. Through the application of PLA across various sectors and collaboration throughout the value chain, TotalEnergies Corbion drives widespread adoption of bioplastics, envisioning a future where it revolutionises industries and nurtures a healthier planet.​ 


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