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Plastic. Climate. Future. Videocast feat. Circularise with Thomas Philipon

18 January 2024

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Thomas Philipon the CEO of TotalEnergies Corbion, was interviewed by Mat, host of the Plastic. Climate. Future' podcast and Mesbah Sabur, the co-founder of Circularise. The discussion dives deeply into the world of bio-based and biodegradable PLA-based plastics, exploring the challenges and triumphs of creating eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastics. 

Thomas strongly emphasized transparency as a core value for TotalEnergies Corbion and an important driver for the adoption of novel plastic solutions. The company itself is very open about their impact, conducting regular life cycle assessments, and sharing their progress on their website and through certifications. In addition to being transparent for policymakers and industry players, Thomas shared the importance of educating consumers, and the need to translate the technical details into consumer-friendly information.

Collaboration, a key topic for most of Plastic.Climate.Future’s guests, was also brought up, as Thomas stressed the importance of aligning various players to deliver sustainable solutions. He highlighted the need for legislation, incentives like carbon taxes, and international agreements to create an ecosystem that accelerates the shift towards bio-based plastics.



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